Acting One

As the new school year gets into a groove, so does a new round of classes. The picture above is the hallway in the theater building where many of the acting classes are. I’m currently taking Acting One, which is something I had been trying to take for a while but was on a waiting list because technically only theater majors are supposed to take it. But I digress.

So far, the class is really interesting. We’ve learned a lot about techniques such as centers of weight, qualities of movement, and breathing from the ribs. These are all just fancy ways of experimenting with the body but it really helps in loosening up when performing and even figuring out muscles I hadn’t used in years. What’s also interesting is that I am in a class full of dance majors. Suffice to say they are far more comfortable in their movement than I am. Having said that, I probably have more experience using the voice than they do so there’s that dynamic.

We recently started monologues. I love doing monologues because it allows for a lot of character development in a short amount of time. I chose a piece from Death Of A Salesman done by the character of Biff Loman, otherwise known as the biggest loser in American theater. He’s sort of yelling at his dad Willy that he’s a nobody and to stop expecting Biff to “win any awards.” Now my family relationship isn’t as bad as this one so preparations won’t come from personal memories (or as actors put it: “emotional recall”). But it’ll be fun delving into the character nonetheless.


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