Acting One: An Update

A few weeks have passed since I first posed about my Acting One class. At that point we were finishing up monologues. Since then we’ve moved on and now we doing something called a contentless scene. This is a scene where the dialogue is so innocuous that it’s difficult to tell who the characters are and where they are. For example:

A: Well?

B: Well, what?

A: Nothing.

B: Okay, please

A: Excuse me.

B: Yeah.

The challenge for the actors doing this is to come up with a set of given circumstances for you and your partner. Who are your characters? What is the conflict? What is your goal and how do you attain it? These are all questions you can ask about every scene. Except, normally you have a lot more to go off of. Sometimes you might even have the play available as background information.

My partner and I decided to do a scene set on an airplane. She thought I was nice and wanted to talk to me. I just wanted to read because I needed to for a class (or so my circumstances stated). The tensions gradually rise to the point where she ends up changes seats because she can’t stand me anymore. Fun scene. I liked this setting because it made our scene a little more claustrophobic when most people’s scenes were spread out like in a department store of the gym.

Now that this topic is over we’re going to be assigned the big project for the semester. I don’t know what it is yet but it is based on the first half of the memoir of renowned actor/teacher Constantin Stanislavski, the father of method acting. While I enjoy the class, no one really likes long-term assignments so this should be fun…


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