My Life In Words

Mitchell Wohl

Mitchell Wohl‘s grand story began with humble beginnings in Richmond, Virginia all the way back on May 14, 1992. It was a close call considering he was supposed to be born in late June. But we won’t wear you down with the tear-jerking elements.

Moving to Jacksonville, Florida at the age of eight, Mitchell’s life took off. He defined himself by a love of sports; best of all was baseball and the Boston Red Sox. But historically, this was a recipe for depression. This was illustrated exquisitely in 2003 in the American League Championship against the hated New York Yankees. It was a dead heat until the bombshell went off: Aaron Boone Game 7.

Ok, so there’s one more tear-jerking element.

But in a dramatic role reversal everything changed the next year when, in the same matchup, the Sox were down three games to none and were faced with an impossible climb. You know what happens next. Papi hits it out in Game 4, is the hero again in Game 5, and the Sox runaway in Game 7 for the greatest moment in this young man’s life.

Another thing got into around this time was acting after his parents enrolled him in an acting class. Mitchell worked on this craft for the next several years. This culminated in a performance as Sky Masterson in Guys and Dolls in the seventh grade.

While not pursuing theater as a career, it continues to be a hobby for Mitchell. He is in the a capella group The Staff at the University of Florida and is taking classes as a theater minor.

Mitchell isn’t sure what lies in the future but is excited to find out.


4 comments on “My Life In Words

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  3. Talia Medina says:

    Mitch, I absolutely love your writing style. It is so entertaining and informative. However, one thing I do not love is your choice of baseball teams. Go Yankees!

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