UF Bloggers Part Deux

There are a lot more people in my class with several I didn’t mention in the first go around. Here is the work of a few more.

Jason Spain Here is one of the sports blogs we have here at UF. I think brings a unique perspective to his site. It mostly revolves around football, with a lot of Gator influence (but not totally). An interesting piece he wrote was a look at the quarterbacks we’ve had at this university and the lack of racial diversity. And everything is well-written.

Aviela Weltman Being Jewish it’s nice to see a blog about Judaism. And it’s nice to see to see a blog from someone I went to middle school with in Jacksonville. Aviela talks about her experiences at Chabad which I’ve been to a few times over the years.

Brittany Bassler Brittany is originally from Philly where my dad’s family hails and lives in Jacksonville. So that’s awesome. Her blog is dedicated to wildlife and has a nice backdrop. She talks a lot about Florida bears and panthers and focuses on wildlife conservation issues, which are important in today’s world.


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