UF Bloggers

I feel lucky to share a class with a lot of creative telecom people who do a ton of great work both in the newsroom and on the interweb. Everyone works really hard and has helped make the UF College of Journalism and Communications such a top-notch program. So, without further ado, I’d like to showcase the blogs of a few of my classmates.

Patrick Colden Ever get bored in the city of Gainesville? Look no further than FuN Gainesville where Patrick talks about different cool things to see. Several of them have to do with nature which I find interesting. Plus, there are tons of pictures and videos.

Shane Chernoff Shane has a food blog that I would say is pretty comprehensive. From sushi to 4Rivers barbecue this tells you all about where you can eat around town, no matter what you’re craving.

Amanda Di Lella Here is another food blog but with an emphasis on how to eat healthy. Unless you’re like me and have the fastest metabolism the world has ever seen, chances are you’ve thought once or twice about eating healthier and maybe losing a pound or two. Here is the perfect place for you. Blog posts include how to snack, avoid cravings, and even preparing meals ahead of time.


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